This program is for people needing a more personalized service with one of our Life Guides. To participate, you must first sign up for a consultation for us to see where you’re at right now. We offer a sliding scale for individuals with low income.

If you grew up in foster care, this service is free upon proof of this fact.

what is a life guide

What are Life Guides?

Life Guides are affordable, relatable, and caring. It’s the kind of guidance someone might be looking for as they transition into a new time in their life. Just like a Tour Guide gets to know you in order to direct you towards the best attractions, a Life Guide takes the time to connect to you as a person in order to refer you to the appropriate resources, according to your identity and current well-being needs. Our process pulls from elements like active listening, psychoanalysis, and the intentional questioning from life coaching to create a chill, safe space for anyone who needs it.

DISCLAIMER: We can direct you to affordable mental health centres in Montreal but we are not a mental health centre nor are we affiliated with any medical institutions.

If you are interested in one-on-one guidance with a Life Guide, click the button below to register.

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